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E-Funding Page Overview

For those living in the United States, the E-Funding Page allows you to complete and submit your funding packet for a speech generating device (SGD) all online. This helps to expedite this step in the funding process as well as give you somewhere where all of your documents are in one place.

The Tobii Dynavox E-Funding page includes information about consulting your physician, consulting your speech-language pathologist, choosing your device, completing the funding packet, submitting the funding packet, waiting for authorization, and receiving your device.

5 Steps of the Funding Process

Consult an SLP

Your Speech-Language Pathologist will conduct an Augmentative and Alternative Communication/Speech Generating Device (AAC/SGD) assessment to determine your communication needs. The SLP will help you determine what type of device is most appropriate for you. In addition, your Local Sales Consultant can provide valuable help to you during this stage of the process. Once your needs are established and a device has been selected, the SLP will complete the AAC/SGD report.

Physician Prescription

After consulting with your SLP, you or your therapist will need to forward a copy of the speech evaluation to your physician. The physician will need to complete and sign a prescription and complete any state Medicaid required forms. It is also recommended to ask your physician to write a letter of medical necessity and provide documentation of your most recent Face to Face.

Complete & Submit Funding Packet

Complete the Tobii Dynavox funding packet, which consists of the Client Information Form, The Assignment of Benefits Form, The Speech-Language Pathologist Evaluation, The Physician’s Documentation of a Face to Face Visit, The Physician’s Prescription and copies (front and back) of your insurance card(s). Note: Additional documentation may be required for your specific insurer.

Insurance Processes Packet

Once the funding packet has been submitted to your insurance carrier(s), the next steps are dependent on the insurance carrier. Most insurers follow a similar process in reviewing funding applications prior to authorizing. Our Quick Guide can help you determine if our device is covered by your insurance.

Approval and Shipping

When notified of approval by your insurance carrier, your Tobii Dynavox funding coordinator will proceed with the order and the equipment will be delivered to your address.

About Us

Welcome to Tobii Dynavox's E-Funding Page.

Most Tobii Dynavox Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) are covered by Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance. Navigating the maze of paperwork required to secure funding for a Tobii Dynavox product may seem like an overwhelming task – but it doesn’t have to be. Along with the help of your Tobii Dynavox Consultant, you can count on the knowledge and experience of the consultants in our Funding Department to work with you – every step of the way.